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Watershed Pledge

The Brooker Creek Watershed Pledge gives students and their families a chance to prevent water pollution by making simple changes around the house. The pledge is a volunteer program that encourages watershed residents to stand together to protect the water quality in Brooker Creek.

Below is a list of behaviors that will help prevent pollution. To take the Watershed Pledge, all you have to do is fill out the pledge form below and check off the activities you pledge to make with your family. Your family does not have to pledge to do everything on the list. Simply choose which changes you want to make by checking the boxes below. We hope you will consider the impacts of your household activities and make a few simple changes. Once you see how easy it is to make one or two changes, you may decide to make a few more.

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We pledge to:

Keep runoff water clean…

Never dump toxic materials down drains or on the ground.
Keep storm drains and ditches clean.
Direct downspouts toward vegetated areas.
Pick up after pets and dispose of the waste in the trash or toilet.

Reduce pollution from lawns…
Test soil to determine the lawn's fertilizer needs.
Not overwater the lawn.
Revegetate bare spots in the lawn.
Cut the grass higher.
Use grass clippings as a natural fertilizer.
Landscape with native ground cover and shrubs whenever possible.
Attend a Florida-friendly landscaping workshop.

Maintain septic systems…
Have septic systems inspected every 2–3 years and pumped as needed.
Watch for signs of septic tank failure.

Maintain the car…
Wash the car at a car wash or on gravel or grass with a phosphate-free soap.
Maintain the car with regular tune-ups and check for fluid leaks.
Dispose of used motor oil properly.
Dispose of antifreeze properly.
Use alternative transportation whenever possible.

Volunteer to protect the Brooker Creek watershed...
Visit the Brooker Creek Preserve and Environmental Education Center.
Volunteer to be a water monitor.
Take part in a tree planting, stream cleanup or exotic plant removal project.

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