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About the Brooker Creek Watershed


Streamflow, or discharge, is the amount of water moving past a cross-section of a stream over a set period of time. Streamflow is affected by the amount of water within a watershed, increasing with rainstorms and decreasing during dry periods.
Flow is important because it defines the shape, size and course of the stream.
It is integral not only to water quality, but also to habitat. Streamflow is affected by both forces of nature and by humans.

Over the years, agriculture and development have made a big impact on the location and flow of Brooker Creek. Water-control devices and dams have been installed to maintain constant water levels in lakes. The Creek has been diverted through culverts to make way for road construction. Construction crews strategically install levees along the banks of the Creek to keep water out of floodplains and away from new developments. A constant supply of water is removed from underground aquifers to supply drinking water to homes and irrigation water to farms. Each of these structures or practices has changed the natural condition of the Creek. Sometimes the change is minor, in other situations the change is more significant. Regardless of whether big or small, every change contributes to the alteration of the Creek and the ecosystems it supports.

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